How to divide a cube into three zones. Each zone contains its own story and time travel. The 1st one reveals a dancer in rotation that shifts from the profane into the sacred world. An Ecstatic Experience. The 2nd zone unfolds carnivalesque walks that exhaust entropic constructivist playgrounds to be found in the old and the new world (Rio De Janeiro, Paris, Donetsk). A Delirium Ambulare. The 3rd unveils a hi/story told through the eyes of a parrot. It narrates the metamorphosis of a Hero Anti Hero simultaneously indispensable to society and excluded from it. A Walking Paradox.

The architectural and narrative spaces are deconstructed into separated and interpenetrated areas of color questioning the `difference and repetition` of actions and various places where these actions happen. The color becomes a skin, a body, a gesture, a word, a voice.

The interactions between the three zones formulate a suspended motion, a frozen storm, a threshold between a still explosion and an exploded stillness.

In a moment walking is a controlled way of falling.
In a moment a stroll turns into a revolt.

The uprising starts on a walk.
Through the open air of history.